Cockroach Control Services

Cockroach Control Services:

Cockroaches (or simply “roaches”) are insects of the order Blattaria. This name derives from the Latin name for the insect, Blatta.

There are about 4,000 species of cockroach, of which 30 species are associated with human habitations and about four species are well known as pests. Among the best-knon pest species are the American Cockroach, German Cockroach & Brown-Banded Cockroach.

Cockroaches are one of the most commonly noted household pest insects. They feed on human and pet food, and can leave an offensive odor. They can also passively transport microbes on their body surfaces including those that are potentially dangerous to humans, particularly in environments such as hospitals. Cockroaches have been shown to be linked with allergic reactions in humans. One of the proteins that triggers allergic reactions has been identified as tropomyosin. These allergens have also been found to be linked with asthma.

Cockroach Control Services

General preventive measures against household pests include keeping all food stored away in sealed containers, using garbage cans with a tight lid, frequent cleaning in the kitchen, and regular vacuuming. Any water leaks, such as dripping taps, should also be repaired. It is also helpful to seal off any entry points, such as holes around baseboards, in between kitchen cabinets, pipes, doors, and windows with some steel wool or copper mesh and some cement, putty or silicone caulk and routine pest control service.

Cockroaches have flat, oval-shaped bodies. The head of a cockroach is small and is covered by a shield. Cockroaches have six long, spiny legs that allow them to run quickly across almost any surface. Some species of cockroaches have wings that are flattened against their backs, although not all cockroaches use these wings for flight. German cockroaches are brown and approximately 13 to 16 mm long. Oriental cockroaches can grow to be much larger and are black in colour. American cockroaches are reddish-brown in colour and are one of the longest domestic cockroach species, measuring approximately 40 mm in length.

Harmful effects of Cockroaches:

A cockroach can keep bacterial pathogens, including salmonella.Salmonella causes flu-like symptoms such as fever, vomiting and diarrhoea.Asthmatic children who live in homes with large cockroach populations are three times more likely to become hospitalized for their condition.Allergens produced in the faecal waste of roaches can also become airborne, making it possible to inhale the allergens.Cockroaches can also carry Staphylococcus pneumonia. In children, ear infections will occur, which includes symptoms of ear pain, fever and balancing problems. Pneumonia can develop, leading to fever, coughing, inability to catch your breath and chest pain. Pneumonia can also cause pink eye.

Our Control techniques to control Cockroaches:

We serve gel treatment for cockroaches. This treatment is safe, quick, effective and stress free. You don't need to empty the cabinets and drawers and you don't even need to leave the house after the treatment. Our trained staff will apply this gel at sensitive areas such as electrical control boxes, computers, cabinet – corners and kitchen appliances. The gel has no smell. Gel has an edible product especially attractive to cockroaches. Gel has cascading effect. Once some cockroaches have eaten the gel they also contaminate other cockroaches thus producing cascading effect throughout the population of cockroaches. This leads to quick eradication.

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